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Developed at the University of Amsterdam and the Copenhagen Business School

Our program was developed over a period of four years (2010-2014) at the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and at the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). Recently, our program was accredited at Rhodes Business School.


News: Socionext Business Training Utrecht

From the 11th till the 15th of December Socionext Netherlands organises an entrepreneurs training for newcomers in Utrecht. With this course, designed for participants who are ‘new’ in the Netherlands and in the process of getting asylum, we strive to unleash entrepreneurial talent and create new opportunities for this group to integrate in the Dutch society.

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I never ever would have
believed it was possible
to come up with, and
start businesses within
five days

BRIDGIT EVANS - MD, SA Breweries Foundation

Socionext helps people to come up with, start and sustain a business. All within five days.

Socionext offers a five-day accelerated workshop that teaches people how to come up with, start and sustain a business. Does that sound fast? Yes, it does! but it leads to real and lasting results.

We focus on social innovation and entrepreneurship, and take participants through a step-by-step process: from the first ideas through prototype design and the development of a realistic viable product.


In a recent survey (February 2017) of 250 participants in our 2016 program for unemployed youth in some of the poorest areas of the country, where unemployment is up to 60%, we found some surprising results.

Of the 99 people who responded to our survey, more than 41% are still active in the businesses started during our program in 2016.

A further 18% have started other businesses.

12% have found employment

10 % have gone back to school or started university studies