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SOCIONEXT offers world class hands-on training in social innovation, entrepreneurship skills development and rapid prototyping based on Design Thinking and the Lean Start-up methodology.


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Socionext Africa is looking forward to partnering with organizations all across South Africa to tap into the enormous talent of our youth just waiting to be released through programs such as we are offering.

Tens of thousands of young people are able to create thousands of innovative businesses such as these, able to provide local employment to many more if we can reach them with this approach!

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The Socionext Foundation was established in June 2010 as a not-for profit in the Netherlands.

Socionext collaborates with universities and the business sector. That way we offer opportunities for both students and unemployed youth to develop social entrepreneurship. This results in sustainable businesses, and in projects that generate income for scholarships for talented students from disadvantaged communities.

Our program was developed over four years at the University of Amsterdam and at the Copenhagen Business School. Our methodology means we can customize our program to the needs of our partners and clients. As a result the program is not only for projects that try to tackle youth unemployment in South Africa, but also for institutions such as universities and education agencies that try to promote talent amongst their students and members.

Our program empowers unemployed youth. It changes their mind sets from apathy and inactivity to self-confidence. Through their actions they see that they can start a business and earn income, even if they do not have jobs.


Join us and our partners in a program that has been proven to work.

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Our current partners

SAB Foundation
Rhodes Business School
Stichting Doen
The Business Place
The Hope Factory
AFAS Foundation